September 2012 Bestsellers

30 September 2012

It was a huge month for Australian birders in September with two new field guides topping the list of bestsellers. The second edition of The birds of prey of Australia was finally updated after 15 years since it was first published.  Birders all over the country couldn't wait to get their hands on the ninth edition of Pizzey's Field guide to the birds of Australia. This new edition contains lots of updated information and a new layout.

  1. The birds of prey of Australia: a field guide by Stephen Debus (Stock ID 34096)

  2. The field guide to the birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight, edited by Sarah Pizzey (Stock ID 34572)

  3. Grassfinches in Australia by Joseph Forshaw, Mark Shephard and Anthony Pridham (Stock ID 32471)

  4. Drawn from paradise: the discovery, art and natural history of the birds of paradise by Sir David Attenborough and Errol Fuller (Stock ID 34625)

  5. Gliding mammals of the world by Stephen Jackson and Peter Schouten (Stock ID 33792)

  6. Field guide to Australian birds: complete compact edition by Michael Morcombe (Stock ID 25013)

  7. The Slater field guide to Australian birds by Peter, Pat and Raoul Slater (Stock ID 30646)

  8. Wisdom of John Muir: 100+ selections from the letters, journals, and essays of the great naturalist by Anne Rowthorn and Bill McKibben (Stock ID 34202)

  9. Silent spring revisited by Conor Mark Jameson (Stock ID 34005)

  10. The Owls of Australia: a field guide to Australian night birds By Stephen Debus, Jeff Davies and David Hollands (Stock ID 30708)