March 2012 Bestsellers

31 March 2012

This month we saw two new books on Australian historical figures J.W. Lewin and Governor Hunter fly out the door, as well as some steady sellers.

  1. Mr J.W. Lewin: painter and naturalist by Richard Neville (Stock ID 34028)

  2. Wombats by Barbara Triggs (Stock ID 29224)

  3. Flammable Australia: fire regimes, biodiversity and ecosystems in a changing world by Bradstock, Gill, and Williams (Stock ID 33896)

  4. Queensland's threatened animals edited by Curtis, Dennis, McDonald, Kyne, Debus (Stock ID 33136)

  5. Turacos: a natural history of the Musophagidae by Joseph M. Forshaw and William T. Cooper (Stock ID 16810)

  6. A steady hand: Governor Hunter and his First Fleet sketchbook by Linda Groom (Stock ID 34029)

  7. A complete guide to reptiles of Australia by Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan (Stock ID 32354)

  8. Australian bustard by Mark Ziembicki (Stock ID 31073)

  9. Tawny frogmouth by Gisela Kaplan (Stock ID 25843)

  10. Mound-builders: Mallee fowl, Brush turkeys and Scrubfowl by Darryl N. Jones and Ann Goth (Stock ID 28243)