June 2012 Bestsellers

2 July 2012

There were plenty of bargains to be enjoyed in the month of June. Australian Birdlife magazine also landed in people's mailboxes and as a result our ornithology shelves are looking bare. 

  1. Mound-builders: Mallee fowl, Brush turkeys and Scrubfowl by Darryl Jones and Ann Goth (Stock ID 28243)

  2. Tawny Frogmouth by Gisela Kaplan (Stock ID 25843)

  3. Australian bustard by Mark Ziembicki (Stock ID 31073)

  4. Bettongs, Potoroos and the Musky rat-kangaroo by Andrew Claridge (Stock ID 25841)

  5. Turacos: a natural history of the Musophagidae by Joseph M. Forshaw and William T. Cooper (Stock ID 16810)

  6. How birds migrate by Paul Kerlinger (Stock ID 34161)

  7. A Banksia album: 200 years of botanical illustration by Alex George (Stock ID 34037)   
  8. The dangerous world of butterflies by Peter Laufer (Stock ID 28721)

  9. Capturing the essence: techniques for bird artists by William T. Cooper (Stock ID 33707)

  10. Bird sense: what it's like to be a bird by Tim Birkhead (Stock ID 33708)