February 2012 Bestsellers

1 March 2012

Top of the list for February is HBW sixteen as we fulfilled our standing orders for this latest title in the series. Our usual top-selling Australian field guides covering a range of subjects make up the rest.

  1. Handbook of the birds of the world [HBW], volume sixteen: tanagers to new world blackbirds by Joseph del Hoyo et al. (Stock ID 25129)

  2. Plant identification terminology: an illustrated glossary by James G. Harris and Melinda Woolf Harris (Stock ID 14587)

  3. Field guide to the frogs of Australia by Michael Tyler and Frank Knight  (Stock ID 33096)

  4. The field guide to the birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight (Stock ID 26112)

  5. Weeds of the south-east: an identification guide for Australia by F.J. Richardson, R.G. Richardson and R.C.H. Shepherd. (Stock ID 33090)

  6. A field guide to the mammals of Australia by Peter Menkhorst and Frank Knight (Stock ID 32000)

  7. A field guide to the Eremophilas of Western Australia by Andrew Brown and Bevan Butrchell (Stock ID 33744)

  8. A complete guide to reptiles of Australia by Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan (Stock ID 32354)

  9. Tracks, scats and other traces: a field guide to Australian mammals by Barbara Triggs (Stock ID 20380)

  10. Trees of Victoria and adjoining areas by Leon Costermans (Stock ID 9103)