August 2012 Bestsellers

31 August 2012

August was full of exciting guests at Andrew Isles.  First we had Sir David Attenborough stop by during his A Life on Earth tour which coincided with the release of his new book Drawn from Paradise. Sir David very graciously signed some copies for us that sold out in only a few hours. Just days after, Andrew Isles hosted the official launch of the landmark publication Grassfinches in Australia. Authors Joseph Forshaw, Mark Shephard and Anthony Pridham were kept busy signing hundreds of copies, a few of which are still available.

  1. Grassfinches in Australia by Joseph Forshaw, Mark Shephard and Anthony Pridham (Stock ID 32471)

  2. Drawn from paradise: the discovery, art and natural history of the birds of paradise by Sir David Attenborough and Errol Fuller (Stock ID 34625)

  3. Plants of the Victorian high country: a field guide for walkers by John Murphy and Bill Dowling (Stock ID 33795)

  4. Australian plants as Aboriginal tools by Philip A. Clarke (Stock ID 34451)

  5. The owl that fell from the sky: stories of a museum curator by Brian Gill (Stock ID 34584)

  6. Grasses of coastal NSW by Harry and Carol Rose (Stock ID 34610)

  7. Legumes and herbs of coastal NSW by Harry, Carol and Trevor Rose (Stock ID 34561)

  8. Dive Australia: a handbook for scuba divers by Peter Stone (Stock ID 34461)

  9. A field guide to wildlife of the Australian snow country by Ken Green and William Osborne (Stock ID 34086)

  10. A field guide to the geckos of Northern Territory by Ted Johansen (Stock ID 34120)