April 2012 Bestsellers

30 April 2012

This month we saw the paperback edition of William T. Cooper's Capturing the Essence arrive in store.  This was celebrated with the release of a short video of Bill talking about painting birds that Andrew Isles commissioned in late 2011.

  1. Capturing the essence: techniques for bird artists by William T. Cooper (Stock ID 33707)

  2. Reducing the impacts of development on wildlife by James and Deborah Gleeson (Stock ID 33998)

  3. A field guide to the birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore by Allen Jeyarajasingam (Stock ID 34138)

  4. Bird sense: what it's like to be a bird by Tim Birkhead (Stock ID 33708)

  5. Was Beethoven a birdwatcher?: A quirky look at birds in history and culture by David Turner (Stock ID 33149)

  6. Wild orchids of Victoria, Australia by Jeffrey Jeans and Gary Backhouse (Stock ID 25319)

  7. Field guide to the native plants of Sydney by Les Robinson (Stock ID 24928)

  8. Bush invaders of south-east Australia: a guide to the identification and control of environmental weeds found in south-east Australia by Adam Muyt (Stock ID 15355)

  9. Seabird genius: the story of L.E. Richdale, the Royal albatross and the Yellow-eyed penguin. by Neville Peat (Stock ID 33982)

  10. Microscopic worlds, volume one: bugs of the ocean by Kerry Swanson (Stock ID 33700)