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33798 menkhorst austbirds webThe Australian Bird Guide

Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers and Rohan Clarke

Due to be released in May following ten years of preparation, The Australian Bird Guide will be the most up-to-date and comprehensive field guide to Australian birds ever produced. Written by three of Australia's foremost ornithologists- Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers and Rohan Clarke, this guide provides detailed information on over 900 species of bird found in Australia. The Australian Bird Guide is also fortunate to be illustrated by three eminent ornithological artists- Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack and Kim Franklin. Their outstanding illustrations show male, female, juvenile and plumage states, while also highlighting key identification features. Having seen the original artwork and page proofs we can confidently state that the plates and text are world class.

***As an exclusive offer for Andrew Isles customers, all those who pre-order will receive a set of three specially commissioned bookmarks by the artists. To celebrate the release of this long-awaited title, each artist has produced a bookmark especially for Andrew Isles Natural History Books featuring one of their artistic specialties. 

***In addition to receiving a set of bookmarks, each customer who purchases a copy through Andrew Isles will also go into the draw to win one of the three original bookmark artworks. 

*** This is a pre-order offer only. Payment details would be appreciated; however, your credit card will not be charged until the book is in stock and invoiced.

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