Land of sweeping plainsLand of Sweeping Plains

Managing and Restoring the Native Grasslands of South-Eastern Australia

Now considered Australia's most threatened ecosystems, native temperate grasslands have been eliminated from across much of their former extent, and continue to be threatened by urban expansion, agricultural intensification, weed invasion and the uncertain impacts of climate change. Research, however, is showing us new ways to manage grasslands, and techniques for restoration are advancing. The importance of ongoing stewardship also means it is vital to develop new strategies to encourage a broader cross-section of society to understand and appreciate native grasslands and their ecology.

This book synthesises the scientific literature in a readily accessible manner and includes a wealth of practical experience held by policy makers, farmers, community activists and on-ground grassland managers. It aims to provide all involved in grassland management and restoration with the technical information necessary to conserve and enhance native grasslands.


Autumn 2015

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